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Welcome to e-beez e-marketing solutions

e-beez e-marketing solutions is another prideful service of  Finesse Holdings  that uses email marketing to help businesses to promote their,

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We send out your e-flyers in your company name to…

Our exclusive database containing over 300,000 active emails covering all levels of working people employed in various corporate and business sector organizations such as blue chip companies, multinational companies, airlines, banks, educational institutes, NGOs, hospitals, hotels, universities, telecommunications, news & media, embassies, BOI companies, SMEs, Institutions, government and many more.

It also covers individuals in higher positions (CEOs, Managing Directors, Senior Managers etc.), professionals (Doctors, lecturers, lawyers, engineers etc.), students, self employers, housewives and many more subscribes.

Why e-beez ?

We deliver every campaign with great passion, energy and commitment to create a positive wake in the community for a extremely reasonable price. We provide our email marketing service for businesses of all shapes and sizes that will improve their marketing efficiency, reduce costs, generate new business and increase profitability.

We have three packages to select…

  • Regular package : each e-newsletter is LKR. 3000.00.
  • Silver package : 05 campaigns booked at once - LKR. 2,750.00 for each campaign.
  • Gold package : 10 campaigns or more booked at once - LKR. 2500.00 for each campaign.
  • Artwork designing (If required) : LKR. 800.00 for each artwork.

Let’s get started...

  • Call us : 077 2373019 or 071 5360536
  • E-mail us : your artwork / e-newsletter to

Art work specifications...

  • All artworks should be in JPEG format.
  • Width max. 600 pixels.
  • Height is unlimited.
  • File size is limited to 250 KB.
  • If you find it difficult to do the artwork on your own, please send us the details along with the desired pictures (if there are any) so that we will do it for you for just LKR 800.00

Contact Details…

  • Tel : 077 2373019 / 071 5360536
  • E-mail :
  • Web :


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